Thursday, January 05, 2017

Jamie's girls--wife, Mel, daughters Eden and Maddie

 An almost-everything day

January 5, 2017

If yesterday was a nothing day, today was an almost everything day. About three this afternoon I looked at son Jamie who was here for the day and said, “I am a completely content person.” And I was. I enjoyed having him in the cottage even if he was making business calls some of the time. We talked of weighty matters while he installed two security cameras—they’re really cool. Activated by motion, they record picture and sound and show up on the cell phone of each of my four children.

Jamie brought me a late Christmas gift from his youngest daughter, Eden, almost fourteen. A desk organizer (Lord knows I need organizing) with a picture of Eden and her big sister, so now I get to look at those two

Jamie also fixed my fancy new Sleep Numbers bed and I had a nap on it--it was great, and I think it will help my extremely sore right shoulder.

Jordan and Jacob were also around much of the day, so the cottage as a busy place and I enjoy that. Somehow they inspired me, and I got more done than I have in a week recently. Figured out which books I still have to post in digital form. I have work to do—six books to post. Finally did a permanent chart so I can keep track of my digital books. And I started reading the manuscript I plan to finish next.

Tonight Kathie, Carol, Subie and I had our late Christmas dinner—very festive dinner at one of the more upscale restaurants in town. Wonderful to be out (yes, I don’t get out much lately), festive, in good company. A delicious meal, though I liked everything but my entrée—schnitzel (I think I was reading schnitzel and thinking spaetzle). Came with sautéed cabbage and apples—outstanding—and I had a mint-chocolate tartlet for dessert. Plus, splurge, a glass of wine. Now I’m unbearable sleepy.

I will crawl into my Sleep Number bed and dream sweet dreams. You do so, too.


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Randy Eickhoff said...

You are very lucky, Judy.