Sunday, January 29, 2017

Let’s hear a chorus of “The Star Spangled Banner”

For the first time since the November election, I feel a surge of hope. The groundswell of opposition to Trump’s policies grows louder every day, with more voices joining in. I think the sitting president underestimated the American people. America will be sorely tried and tested in coming days and months, but as President Obama predicted, we’ll be all right. We’ll come through with heads held high.

What encourages me? The judge who issued the stay order on the deportations, the lawyers who rushed to airports to represent those being detained, the crowds who went to airports just to see how they can help, the general air of optimism in posts on Facebook tonight . It sounds dramatic, but history is unfolding before us, and we each must find the part we can play, the role where we can best serve.

As I sit here in the oh-so-still rehab facility on a Sunday night I wonder what I can do from a wheelchair. Joining the chorus on Facebook is one way to contribute. I’m through writing Texas senators—they pay no attention to anything except the party line. But I will try to reach Democratic leaders.

I still wonder why we hear so little from progressive leaders. We need every senator who has not been ground down by Trump, Ryan and the Republican party to speak up—veto those atrocious appointments, be the obstructionists that the Republicans have been for eight years. speak out as a unified body in opposition to what is being done in and to our country.

And the Republicans? How long are they going to let this idiocy they have thrust upon the American people continue? Is there not a man or woman among them with common sense, a conscience, a concern for their own children and grandchildren—and the courage to speak out? Or are they so busy protecting their careers? Which comes first—country or career?

I am assured that organized movements will emerge from the women’s march (which was about human issues, not just women’s) and the more recent protests. But I still get the feeling that the loyal opposition is fragmented. I am besieged daily with numerous pleas to sign this or that petition—and then send money. I am sending no more money until I see an organized, unified plan.

It’s scary but exciting times—and its early days yet. I may well be wishing for premature action when cooler and wiser heads are carefully planning. While we wait for those cooler heads to prevail, let’s abandon such comments as “We are doomed” and make optimism our slogan. Come on, let’s hear it: “O say can you see….

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Victor Wadsworth said...

Hat's off to our National Parks Service People, Edward Abbey would be proud of his old work force and the voice they raise.