Monday, January 30, 2017

Days and nights

Days and nights

What is it they say about the similarities between infancy and senility? I have my days and nights mixed up here in the rehab unit. It’s 10:30 in the evening and the entire place is quiet, though the halls are as always brightly lit.

My clock was off from the start today because nurses kept me awake for a couple of hours in the night—they were fiddling with a piece of equipment, the machine that massages my legs and keeps the blood flowing. I slept late—eight—and went back to bed in the late morning, had a good solid nap about two in the afternoon. And still found myself exhausted at 6:30, so I went to bed. At 9:30, I was wide awake with the idea for a guest post going through my mind. Nothing would do but that I get up and write it. No one seems to mind.

It’s either feast or famine. I went for weeks with guest post opportunities, and now I am smack dab up against four posts on various blogs, all to promote my Blue Plate Mysteries series. Maybe it’s a sign of healing that my creativity seems to have come back but I am grateful these openings came my way. I’ll post when they go live.

Quick switch in topics, though I intend to be sparing in my consideration of the current political/government situation. But I read someone’s comment today that Donald Trump has united the country in a way that no one ever expected. If we stick together, and if the courts and a few brave leaders, have our backs, we can save America. I am tired of posts that predict gloom and doom—to me that shows a lack of faith in the American people who are more and more showing their strength these days. Yes, there are similarities to Hitler’s early days in Germany, but America is not Germany (nor are Muslims like Jews) and we have that negative example to learn from. It will take courage and strength, but we can make America great again.

Time to go to sleep. It really is.

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Are you allowed to bring food? I'm thinking a nice chocolate cake (with a nice file in it)