Saturday, January 28, 2017

A Joy-full Day

Morgan and me, ready for the afternoon's outing

Do you have days that replenish your cup of joy? I had one today. I’ve been grateful for many things this past week—successful surgery, the support of family and friends, the dedicated care from Jordan who ran herself ragged trying to see that I was all right in the hospital while looking for a suitable rehab facility. But I haven’t been filled with joy and laughter.

Colin and granddaughter Morgan arrived a little after eleven this morning. It was after noon before we got away but we went to Jason’s Deli for lunch, and I wondered why we don’t go there more often. I ate like I hadn’t eaten in a week—Caesar salad, half a California club sandwich, an oatmeal cookie, a scoop of soft-serv. So good. Colin went back this evening and brought a baked potato (huge) for my supper and a kids’ pizza for Morgan—and another oatmeal cookie. We laughed, we talked seriously, and we had fun. They had driven up in my VW convertible and, it being a gorgeous day, we drove top down much of the time—until both  Morgan and I complained of the chill in the late afternoon air.

Went to get a new phone—trading my i5 for an i7-but they needed picture i.d. and Jordan, who was at Jacob’s basketball game at the downtown YMCA, had my driver’s license. Of course we had to get it—Colin was determined I have that phone today. With the Chisholm Trail Parkway we were downtown in minutes. Took longer to find Jordan but finally Christian came to the parking lot where we were circling. Back to ATT, where Morgan and I waited in the car (I didn’t want to get in and out too much). And we waited. And waited. I practiced patience but was about to lose the battle when Colin emerged with phone and a mini iPad—special deal when you buy a phone. Back to Garden Terrace where we settled some business issues and had a good talk.

It wasn’t all fun and games. Colin, always a diplomat, made me see that I have been both self-absorbed and selfish, not the model patient that I thought I was. I guess I thought I should be granted a little leeway because of pain, rehab, not being home in my own bed. I truly appreciated his candor and honesty—his words were delivered without emotional tangles. This road to recovery business tests not only your physical strength but your character.

Not just a diplomat, Colin is ever the good Samaritan, reaching out to help people. A woman was parked in front of the building, unable to start her car. Colin called Chevrolet and waited with her. It turned out that her alternator had died. He must have been in touch with her by phone because he called from Jason’s to ask Morgan to go out and tell the woman a tow truck was on the way. Colin knows what many people never learn—it’s all about what you can do for others in this life.

Have you tried an oatmeal/spice/cranberry cookie from Jason’s? Try it. You’ll like it.

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