Thursday, March 03, 2016

Visit from an old and dear friend-and a yoga lesson

Elizabeth came home for a visit tonight. Oh, I know her home is in Hurst with her parents, but she lived in my cottage for a year and I consider this one of her homes, especially now that she lives in Pennsylvania. The neighbors, all fond of her, gathered and we had a jolly happy hour. Elizabeth and Jacob were especially close friends. When she lived here, he’d come in from school in the afternoon and ask, “Can I go see Elizabeth?”

Tonight it’s supposed to snow in the Philadelphia area, so Elizabeth was especially pleased to have happy hour on the deck, with pleasant temperature and just a bit of a breeze. Sophie was also especially fond of Elizabeth and they had a good reunion.

Later after everyone else had left, she and I caught up on each other’s families and lives and goings on. It was like old times when we’d meet on the deck for wine about 9:30 at night. Thoroughly relaxed, thoroughly comfortable with each other—it doesn’t get much better than that. I do remember the night a baby rat fell out of a tree and darn near landed in her wine.

We first met when Elizabeth, a non-traditional student (read older) came to TCU Press as a work-study student. Don’t hold me to this figure, but I suspect it was almost twenty-five years ago. We clicked, though I am some thirty-plus years older than she is. But we’ve been friends ever since. And when she lived here, she became part of my inner circle of neighborhood friends.

Tonight the once-student was the teacher. Some six, seven, eight years ago she first taught me yoga since she had become a certified yoga teacher. I practiced my yoga faithfully almost every day for years but this past year mobility problems, a painful leg and hip have kept me from it. As you may know I’ve been in physical therapy twice in the past year. But tonight, with the PT therapist’s blessing, I went back to yoga. I expected Elizabeth to give me a brush-up on the routine I’ve always done. Instead we did a whole new set of poses designed to strengthen my ankle and legs and stretch my back. This time, she stressed holding some poses as long as I was comfortable. It was an easy workout that probably did me more good than I realize, and I look forward to following the new routine.

A thoroughly pleasant day, and I’m ready for bed.

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