Thursday, March 10, 2016

Taking a break

Friends, it's spring break, and I'm taking at least a long weekend maybe more as a vacation. I'll be spending a lot of time with Jacob and his mom and maybe some other family. So I'm not going to write or post blogs (unless something outrageous comes to my mind--you never know). I'm tired of talking about politics, and I'm sure you don't need any more "This is what I did today." I plan to read a lot, so maybe I'll come back early next week with "What I read recently." And I'll do a bit of cooking, so maybe I'll have recipes. At the least I hope I'll come back with fresh content.
A few days ago Blogger told me I had 5,860 hits on a post. It was about my reaction to watching the Democratic debate earlier in the week and then spilling wine all over my kitchen (one of my more clever moves) but you can't tell me that many people read it. I think their program went haywire. Yesterday and today I'm back in the 150-200 range, which is normal and makes me happy.
Suppose I can come back from vacation and reach 5,000 again?
Anyway, you all be good, take care, keep up with the news, and I'll see you early next week. If you have spring break too, enjoy!

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