Thursday, March 24, 2016

Easter cooking and recipes

It looks like a cooking weekend, and nothing could make me happier. If I’m not at my computer, I love to be in the kitchen. Tomorrow I’ll serve Jordan’s birthday lunch—a week and a day late, delayed by the great hail storm. We were going to Righteous Foods, a restaurant I’ve not tried yet, but Jacob has a birthday party from 10-12, and I decided rather than wait around for him and have a 1:30 lunch, I’d serve at home. We invited my restaurant pal, Betty—Jacob’s Aunt Betty and someone Jordan is very fond of—to join us. At first, she said she’d be delighted to meet us at Religious Foods—I’m still laughing—but she’ll join us for my lunch.

I’ll serve Italian style tuna sandwiches. Made a good pesto tonight of Italian parsley, garlic, anchovies, olive oil. Hard-boiled some eggs. Recipe calls for ciabatta rolls but I bought croissants for Sunday, so Betty and I will have sandwiches on croissants. Jordan will have hers on Ezekial bread—sprouted 100% whole wheat. Good in some situations, but probably no this one. We’ll see.

Saturday night a dear friend is coming to spend the night so she can go to sunrise services with us—I love the outdoor service, watching it go from dark to day while you worship. Hope the weather cooperates. Supposed to rain Sunday night but be cold and windy in the morning. Anyway when Linda comes from Granbury, about 30 miles away, she’ll sleep in the guest room which is where we piled everything from the damaged sunroom. It’s a mess. Hope she doesn’t have nightmares.

Linda likes anchovies as much as I do, so I’m going to bake potatoes and stuff them with an olive oil/anchovy mix and top them with parmesan and more anchovies. They’re supposed to come out with crunchy tops.

Sunday about 8 a.m. I’ll serve breakfast to seven—a strata of croissants, Gouda, and heavy cream—watch out, my arteries. There’s will be a fruit salad and hot-cross buns because I can’t resist them. Usually no one else eats them—why do I have the sneaky feeling I didn’t get enough?

After that I’m through cooking. Going to friends for Easter dinner, while Jordan and family go to Christian’s parents.

What a nice weekend. Perfect for celebrating the meaning of Easter. A bit sad that we’ve apparently outgrown Easter egg hunts. The girl that always hunts with Jacob won’t be with us this year, and we’ll all miss her, though her mom and stepdad will join us.


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