Saturday, March 19, 2016

This, that and stuff

A friend from long ago sent this picture of me and another girl I grew up with. That’s Jeannie on the right and me, gangly and awkward in pre-teen and teen years, on the right. I would guess we were about twelve. Can’t remember a thing about the picture, where it was taken or why. I saw it some time ago when Jeannie posted it, but I thought it would be fun to post again. Don’t we look demure?

My neighborhood, hardest hit by the hail, is slowly recovering. I’ve fielded so many calls from roofers who “just happen to be in the neighborhood” that I’m tempted to answer the phone with “Thank you. I already have a roofer.” What worries me is that maybe half the calls come from scammers who don’t know as much about roofs as I do. And that’s not much.

The nice woman who writes a garden column for our neighborhood newsletter called—the owner of the yard she’d picked said absolutely not because the yard had been shredded by hail. I suggested she write her column about hail damage in the neighborhood. I know my redbud tree was stripped of all it blossoms that I look forward to seeing each year.

Books spread out on couch for sorting
where they were soaked
The restoration people finished taking up the floor today and decided that the ceiling was drying out and they didn’t need to take it out—grateful because it’s a board ceiling and I was afraid insurance would only pay for sheetrock. They’ve left their roaring drying equipment running for the weekend, but it sure is efficient. I could feel a definite difference this morning. They have also taken all the books for drying.

Meantime I’ve spent as much of the time as I could get back to the washer and dryer washing towels. Endless job after all that mopping up. A bit horrified that my “crew” used my new good towels to mop up.

I’ve decided the entire city of Fort Worth is exhausted. Saw several posts to that effect on Facebook, and Jordan and Christian decided to stay home tonight. Which means I don’t have Jacob—I miss his company but in some ways it’s a relief. Jordan has worked so hard the last few days on my house that I’m not surprised she’s exhausted. I slept/dozed almost three hours this afternoon and am ready to go back to bed at ten. Sophie napped with me and thoroughly enjoyed the comfort. I think it’s the mood of my city after the hailstorm.


Randy Eickhoff said...

I'm really sorry that all this has landed upon you, Judy. I know how frustrating it can be when faced with the probability of having to have a new roof put in. About a month ago, I had to have a new roof put in and Leone, my daughter, found a truly wonderful man who was fast, inexpensive, and very, very competent. He didn't push on anything and made certain that I knew ahead of time what needed to be done. He came in a bit lower than his estimate, too. He's not only a home/repair expert (and has others working for him) but is also licensed TREC Inspector. I didn't know this, but before receiving a license renewal, he has to attend classes. If you are looking for people to get estimates from, I would suggest that you add him to your list. He even works with the insurance company to get you the best option/deal as well. I have a bonded Financial Custodian assigned by the V.A. to handle my V.A. allotment and to pay all my bills. He has to pay extremely close attention to every expenditure and he approved this man as well. I didn't know there were various types of shingles that could be used and instead of just putting on some, he told me about them and when I asked which is the best and why, h explained that very carefully to me and then again to my custodian. I had quite an option as to colors as well. If you would like his name, telephone, number and company, I'll give them to you. I was very fortunate as I had a custodian he had to satisfy and account to so I know I wasn't taken over hedges by charlatans, etc. He even put a sign in the front yard telling other would-be roofers that the job had already been taken so I wasn't bothered by "drive throughs." Anyway, let me know and I'll send you more info on him.

Judy Alter said...

Thanks, Randy. I was in the process of having a new roof put in when this unexpected storm him--but they hadn't gotten to the flat roof on the add-on yet, which is were all the damage occurred. For twenty-three years the same contractor has taken care of my house (and me)--he even changes ceiling bulbs. He is acting for me as your custodian did for you and even chose which roofer we would use. I'm in good hands. They are replacing the flat roof as I write. Waiting now for the insurance adjuster. Thanks for worrying about me. The restoration people have taken away cartons of books; they left the couch, etc., behind so the adjustor can see.

Victor Wadsworth said...

You haven't changed much

Judy Alter said...

Thanks, I think.