Sunday, March 20, 2016

A national disease

Before I launch into my rant I have to note that it was a beautiful if chilly first day of spring in North Texas. Woke to temps in the 30s and 40s, low 40s by the time we went to church. I always love Palm Sunday and the solemn children waving their palms. When we came out, you could be warm in the sun but in the shade the wind still cut through you. One of my last chances to wear a big sweater I got for Christmas—well, I hope it was the last chance. In Texas, you never know.

My rant: I have long been disturbed by the hate and crudity in some political remarks on Facebook. Lately it seems to have gotten worse. Today I saw a cartoon of Trump holding his boxers wide open so photographers could shoot his privates. Lots of comments about how funny this was—and I admit it was—but I pointed out that liberals would be incensed if that cartoon showed President Obama or Hillary. Then again, I guess neither of them brought the subject up as Trump did. Another cartoon showed a naked and obviously middle-aged or better Hilly riding a wrecking ball. Talk about bad taste…and I said so.

I have decided taking the high road is not enough. I am going to scold, rebuke, etc. If you hear I’ve been assassinated, please look at my Facebook posts. But when I commented, in response to a question, that it was high time the president and his family went to Cuba, some jerk asked, “How long have you been a dufus?” I told him I didn’t think personal comments were called for. There was one other today where I replied name-calling was inappropriate.

It scares me to think that this increasing lack of manners and civility it a mark of the decline of our country, but there’s not much other explanation. Take, for instance, the escalating riots at Trump’s appearances. I don’t think he caused the anger that fuels them—you may have to trace back to Ronald Reagan for that. But I think Trump knows how to fuel the anger and does it deliberately. Conservative columnist David Brooks put it well in a column in which he called Trumps followers “a coalition of the dispossessed.” He wrote that we must respect his followers and their feelings but never Trump. No, not ever Trump.

I am wondering if the first, almost inevitable death at a clash of protestors and followers might wake the nation up. Sad thought.

Meanwhile, I am surrounded by grandchildren and their friends who mostly say, “Yes, ma’am” and “Thank you,” are considerate and thoughtful. Maybe all is not lost if we only get out and vote. Yeah, folks, this is a plea to vote Democratic.

For tomorrow: my outrage that Mitch McConnell, he with no lips and no soul, says the NRA has to approve any SCOTUS nomination. Oh good glory!

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