Monday, June 01, 2015

Welcome sunshine!

The world is looking better to me this evening. We've had no rain for two days, and today was a day of beautiful sunshine. First day in I don't know how long that I didn't have to traipse through all the school's hallways to the far end to get Jacob. When I crossed the street, he was waiting on the curb.
My kitchen faucet is functional if fragile--turned out to be a defective faucet, and the company is sending parts in seven to ten days. Meanwhile, Keith, my favorite plumber, has put it together so it works--I just have to be careful. He was panicked when he came to look at it--thought he'd done something wrong; I was panicked because I thought I'd done something wrong. Turned out we were both innocent.
The doorknob on the office door is fixed. Lewis's motto seems to be if you can find what you want, make it yourself, and he fashioned the missing piece, had to take it to make a slight adjustment, and then brought it back and fixed the door. I'm being gentle with that too--just in case.
The TV that has sat in the family room for months is now built into what was a bookcase and looks great. The electricians worked most of the morning--no internet or TV but I survived. Lewis told me all it needed was to be programmed and first suggested I call U-Verse. Then he said, "Your daughter may know how to do this." Cancel that--I know for a certainty that she doesn't know anymore about it than either Lewis, who said it was beyond him, or me. Neighbor Jay came to the rescue, figured out they had attached it to the wrong cable, went to the hardware for more cable and connectors, and Voila! We have TV in the sunroom. Of course he threatened to set it so it defaults to Fox News. No, thank you!
It's the little things that make life comfortable, folks. And the blessings of having good people who care about me.
I seem to be on a food kick. Two TCU friends came for lunch--supposedly a business lunch but my business questions went by in about two minutes. I fixed one of my favorite meals remembered from childhood--cold canned salmon (I buy really good salmon straight from a cannery in Oregon), sliced cucumbers, deviled eggs, cherry tomatoes, all on a bed of lettuce, served with mayo and lemon quarters. I also had leftover lemon potato salad. So good. Ate the leftovers for my supper tonight.
Super tired after the weekend--going to bed early tonight.

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