Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Rain and stuff

Rain and more rain--it fills our lakes and aquifers, but it brings floods, dangerous roads, fender benders, shredded gardens, and cancelled appointments. I've rarely seen as much rain from the tail end of a Gulf hurricane as we got today from Bill. It dumped on us all morning, and for the second day in a row I cancelled the world--rescheduled a doctor's appt. and a lunch. It had its upside though--I didn't get out of my nightshirt (my new fav--which led Jacob to say "Why are you wearing that shirt?") until four o'clock, and I got tons done. Felt very good about the day.
Jordan used to say our house could run as long as we had chardonnay, cottage cheese, and Newman's Own vinaigrette. Told her I had cottage cheese with Newman's on it for lunch today, and she laughed. We haven't done that in a long time.
Dinner at the Grill because Jacob "desperately" wanted his grilled cheese. I told him I desperately wanted deviled eggs at the Tavern, and when Betty headed for the Grill, I told him he was spoiled. He just grinned.

Lisa, on the left, in what I guess is
a bumpy take-off picture.
My daughter-in-law, Lisa, left from Houston Intercontinental this morning for a week-long mission trip to Haiti. I worried about her flight, having heard  that flights out were cancelled down there because of wind. Lisa texted that takeoff was a "bit bumpy." Glad it wasn't me. I am so looking forward to having the rest of her family here this weekend. We'll miss Lisa but I'm proud of what she's doing.
The Frisco Alters will also be here--we're celebrating Jacob's ninth birthday. And both families are bringing dogs, so there will be four dogs. I'm trying to adopt Colin's attitude--"We'll work it out." Colin's kids will stay at Jordan's but I imagine the older Frisco girls will stay here. I'm just not going to worry about it. I carefully put clean linen on the beds in the guest room--and then Jacob and Christian slept there. I can't win!
I have a sort of new neighbor on one side, a young doctor who moved in maybe in January. We've only spoken three or four times in the driveway--Jay, my handsome neighbor, says it's because Jim, the doctor, is afraid I'm a cougar (he's maybe 30, looks 17). But today when he saw me dragging a wet garbage cart up the driveway Jim rushed out to help me, emptied out the remaining water, and we chatted. He assured me that I now have three doctors next door should I need anything. I said I appreciated him because his parties were quiet and ended early, and he invited me to come over anytime. We may convince him yet to join our close circle of neighbors and former neighbors.
Tomorrow, more rain. But I am going to physical therapy and then to the grocery and out for dinner. Getting things done at my desk is good but I've got to get out of the house.

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