Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Walk this way....

I seem to have hit some sort of blogger writer's block. Maybe it's summer doldrums, which set in quickly, but when I think about my days all I can think is I'd end up blogging "And then I did this, and then I did that." On the national scene, there are political thoughts I could comment on like the Republican who wants to destroy the ACA but thinks it's a shame so many people will lose their benefits--bit of logic lacking there, but one can only carp on politics so much. I'm saving my ammunition for bigger battles. Locally, there's the trouble at the McKinney swimming pool. I doubt we'll ever hear the full story--all we hear now are biased reports from both sides and media hype. It's been done to death and no matter how appalled I am at it, I'm tired of reading about it. Or talking about it.
So about the most interesting thing I did today was go to physical therapy. I've been going for several weeks now, at the behest of a doctor who was worried about my falling, which I do from time to time. Knock on wood, no serious damage so far but one fall in the driveway left me badly bruised and with a reluctance to walk down the driveway again. I'm in a program designed to keep the elderly from falling. I really resent being called elderly, but a much younger friend said to me last night, "Let's face it. We are elderly!"
What intrigues me about the PT program is the way they make use of ordinary objects. Today I sat on a rolling stool and propelled myself around a huge square workout table (accommodates probably four people) first forward, then backward--two times each. You'd be surprised at the muscles it works. Another exercise has me stepping over cone-shaped paper cups--the kind you find in an ordinary water dispenser. Not easy--I kept swinging my foot behind them when the point is to go over them. Sometimes I do an exercise that looks like the one they ask suspected drunks to do--walk a straight line, one foot in front of the other. I used to have to hold on; today I only occasionally touched the table and chairs that were on either side of me for security.
Today I got lots of praise, which pleased me. The therapist and the aide both said I was walking so much better. I'm grateful for the praise, but it amuses me--I've been walking all my life. Have I been doing it wrong? Apparently so. They've taught me to bend my knees and lift my feet off the ground--I shuffled before. And the therapist tells me he can feel a difference in my low back--less stiff, more flexible.
Some days I think I'd just rather keep going there than have to find an exercise program after I leave. Maybe I'll go back to yoga. But physical therapy is an interesting experience...and not as unpleasant as I feared. Really nice people make a difference.


Edith Maxwell said...

So interesting to relearn something most of us do all our lives. Glad you're getting help with balance. I think I'm going to work on lifting my own feet now!

Judy Alter said...

Edith, my children had threatened to take up all rugs on my hardwood floor if I tripped any more--I tripped because I wasn't lifting my feet. My balance is much better but now my mind has to catch up with my body.