Saturday, December 13, 2014

Small favors

Sometimes we pray to God for huge favors and dispensations--some pray for health for a loved one, others for love, others for money. For too many of us, prayer is sort of a litany of "Please,
God, give me...." I've been known to ask God's help with problems that are really bothering me, but today two minor things were on my mind and they worked out just fine, without my mentioning them to the Lord. I guess he knew.
Yesterday I left my favorite white quilted vest in a restaurant at lunch. I called immediately and asked how early I could get it this morning. "Nine o'clock," they said. I knew they opened at eleven, so I figured they'd be preparing for the day and it would be hard to gain access, let alone get someone to notice me. I worried about it, and about parking--their handicap parking is the most inaccessible spot I've ever seen. But I got there at nine-thirty and was amazed--barely found a parking space way back in the parking lot, but one that provided me easy access. I forgot they open for brunch at nine on Saturday and Sundays. My vest was at the front desk, and I was on my way in three or four minutes.
Last night a man from the rug company I use delivered a clean rug and asked where it went. When I said under the dining table, he said he'd be back tonight at six with someone to help him. I expected a dinner guest at six and it wouldn't be a big deal--but still not real smooth. Then the owner of the company called and explained they close at noon on Saturdays and could they come about eleven. I told him that worked better for me, and two men arrived and very carefully moved my unstable antique table, took great care to center it on the rug and under the chandelier and went their way.
Small favors but they brightened what was already a happy day. They made me think of Anne Lamott's new book, Small Mercies, which is high on my "TBR" (to be read) list. I don't mean to imply that the Lord is behind every small thing that happens in each of our lives but sometimes I do feel divine intervention has a hand in turning things out right. My happy day ended with a lovely visit with my Canadian daughter (her mom lives in Ottawa so she calls me her Fort Worth mom). Besides, how can a December day when the temperature is in the 70s be anything but good?

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