Saturday, December 27, 2014

Home again

No matter how sweet the visit or trip, it's always good to be home again. I've just spent four lovely, restful holiday days at my oldest son's house. We shared a lovely Christmas Eve meal and Christmas day two very excited grandkids got mini iPads and almost anything else they wanted. Christmas dinner, with my daughter-in-law's Norwegian mother at the helm, was nontraditional--Norwegian hamburgers with gravy, mashed potatoes (to go with that gravy), green peas and green beans plus chocolate pie.
I spent much of my time reading, eating, and sleeping-somehow at someone else's house you can put behind you all those chores that rush at you at home. But I did do some work, and I allowed myself time to get lost in books--a luxury of time I don't always take. My thanks to Colin, Lisa, nine-year-old Morgan, seven-year-old Kegan, and John and Torhild Griesbach for making me so welcome.
Today two of my wonderful children played "throw Mom from one car to another." Actually we met in Marlin, Texas, which is about halfway between Tomball and Fort Worth. Only my family could get lost in a town the size of Marlin, but we managed it--separately. We finally all made it to High Cotton, a home cooking restaurant where we had lunch and a good visit. Naturally the three grandchildren wanted to go to one house or the other together, and we had to explain that getting back and forth--a four-hour drive--wasn't that easy.
Now I'm home. I've been welcomed suitably by my sweet dog who probably enjoyed the pet sitter a lot more than me. A teen-age boy, he took her on long walks and played fetch with her. Still she seemed glad to see her family when we came in. I'm unpacked, the mail is sorted, and I'm ready to move on. Think I'll read some more.
I have several days to think about resolutions but I read something from someone today who said he was going to make three resolutions: one personal, one business, and one fitness. Sounds like a plan to me.
Y'all have a nice, lazy evening. I'm going to.

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Kait said...

Sounds like a delightful holiday, Judy. Welcome home.