Sunday, December 21, 2014

Anyone for brinner?

My little neighborhood group had a really fun get-together for Christmas. Jordan and Jay (the handsome neighbor) concocted the idea of brinner--breakfast for dinner. They did most of they work, but it was potluck--Subie and Phil brought Bloody Marys, Greg and Jaimie brought a delicious fruit dish, Christian made the wonderful potato casserole we both make (so rich--cheese, sour cream,, butter, etc.) but so delicious, and Jay brought pancakes, real Vermont maple syrup (he will hear of no other and scoffs at claims Canada has better syrup) along with an egg casserole. Maybe it was the Bloody Marys but everyone was very jolly, and we decided we had invented a new tradition--Christmas brinner, though Jay suggested we don't have to wait for next Christmas. We could celebrate the summer solstice, though I think we would need lighter food. Hmmm--smorgasbord sounds good, a real traditional Scandinavian smorgasbord!
One hitch tonight--I've had no hot water all day, and the plumber I use doesn't take calls on Sunday. I left a message but will call again early early tomorrow morning. The "experts" among us tonight decided it's the thermacouple, for whatever good that does--except maybe I can give the plumber a heads up. Fortunately I had decided to use disposable plates and plastic flatware, but I always run the flatware through the dishwasher and use it again, which means I have an appalling collection. And some dishes have to be hand-washed, plus I have laundry to do. Most of all I dread washing my hair in ice-cold water in the morning. Shower? Forget it.
This group--eight of us plus Jacob and occasionally a neighbor from across the street--are, I think, one of the reasons I could become a recluse. They gather, always at my house, and we have so much fun, it's so comfortable that I often think why should I go out into the world when I have the wonderful cocoon in which to laugh and enjoy.
But go out into the world I do--several parties last week and today, in spite of a little balkiness on his part, Jacob and I went to church. The sanctuary is so beautiful and the music so familiar and so rich that I didn't want to miss Christmas Sunday.

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