Thursday, December 18, 2014

A holly, jolly Christmas

Some years Christmas makes me feel like a social butterfly (which I am definitely not!), and this is one of those years. This week I had lunch and dinner with friends Monday and Tuesday. Thoroughly enjoyable, including my lobster fix and taking two little boys to the Old Neighborhood Grill.
Last night I went to a small dinner party hosted by good friends. Three other couples, people I know but not well, made up the guest list. I told the hostess later that I felt like a teenager who'd been invited to sit at the adult table (when my children were young and we all dined with my mom, including my brother and his children, one child got to sit at the adult table each week--it was a big deal!).  I decided it is really interesting to have dinner with people you don't know well--brings a new zest to the conversation. I am often surrounded by a dear and valued cocoon of family and friends--but our conversations--say politics, for instance--are predictable. This was a stimulating evening--no, we didn't talk politics:-)
The social whirl continues with a cocktail party tomorrow night and a breakfast Saturday morning. After Christmas I'll have a hard time settling back down to work. Obviously I'm not getting much work done these days.
Fortunately I have good reading--right now I'm deep in the new Coffeehouse Mystery Once Upon a Grind by Cleo Coyle. I always enjoy that series. Tonight is cold and damp--a good night to stay home with a book and a baked potato for supper.

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