Friday, October 10, 2014

The walking school bus

This morning, Jacob was part of the walking school bus program designed to encourage physical fitness in elementary school. I'd seen it on Facebook before but was delighted that it came to our neighborhood. There is an actual yellow school bus--a cardboard cut out that two children carry by putting their arms through the windows. Others trail behind. Jacob went specially to a friends' house to be part of this parade and got his picture taken with no less than Her Honor Mayor Betsy Price. Jacob is collecting celebrities--told his mom he was going to tell the Mayor that he knew Senator Wendy Davis. That's a stretch but he was a year or so ago part of a photo shoot stressing Senator Davis' interest in elementary education. The photographer happened to be a member of our extended family who said to himself, "I know that voice." So now we have pictures of Jacob with both a mayor and a senator (he's in the red shirt in the latter). He's pictured above with Caroline Cornelius, daughter of good friends of Jacob's parents. I think it's an omen for the future. And I truly applaud the walking school bus idea.
Dog report: Sophie and Luke spend long hours in the back yard together, sometimes playing, sometimes sleeping. They get along well--until I bring Luke in. Sophie commences to bark at him like the fishwife I've mentioned before. I think it's jealousy; Jay thinks she's saying play with me. But poor Luke is often so grateful to be in his crate and out of her reach. I try in the evening to give each of them some alone time in the house with me. We're adjusting, they're working out their roles with each other, and I'm optimistic.
Rain tonight and tomorrow--I may have dogs underfoot all day. When they're in the house together, then want to tussle right under my feet.
I'm reading a manuscript about the Garden of Eden community, one of the first African American communities settled in greater Fort Worth. Fascinating stuff, but it makes my editing pencil itch, so when I was asked to read for content I'm marking commas, asking questions, putting on my editorial hat again. I find that it sits quite comfortably on my head.
Y'all have a good weekend.

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