Monday, October 06, 2014

Chili and dogs--but not chili dogs

A little exercise makes anyone friends
Got a draft of a contact in the mail today for my book, tentatively titled Texas is Chili Country, from Texas Tech University Press--and a deadline of November 30. So I'll be busy from now till then, although the book is written and just needs fine tuning. Illustrations are another matter. I'm sure it will all work out, but it means I leave Susan Hogan in mid-crisis in the sequel to The Perfect Coed. No spoilers here--I won't describe the crisis. Perhaps I'll go back to it revitalized, except I was already pretty excited about what I wrote yesterday. I have enjoyed working with TTU before and this project has been a long time in the making, so I'm glad to see it coming to fruition. I'm already busy collecting images, etc., and have planned a chili supper for this weekend.
Good news on the dog front. The vet gave the okay for Sophie and Luke to run and play in the back yard "at this point in the treatment." I didn't even explore what lies ahead, but they ran, played, chased each other until they were quiet and good when they came in this morning. Late this afternoon, some of their eagerness for play was definitely diminished. But in the midst of it, they do sound like they're killing each other, and Sophie barks like an old fishmonger wife scolding her husband.
In addition, Lewis Bundock, who keeps my house together, promises to come tomorrow and make the fence escape proof with more rebar and some wire. Such a relief if I can let Luke outside without fearing he'll escape. Eventually I can let both of them out, which will be good for them and great for my sanity.
And, finally, still worried about the snapping incidents, I connected with another trainer who said aggression correction was not part of her program and recommended someone else. I called that person this morning and talked to her. Next to my vet, she was the most reassuring person I've talked to about this dog. Yes, the cone or collar he was wearing contributed but the main thing she stressed was that this dog has been through amazing trauma--stray, shelter, surgery, vet clinic. He's an emotional mess, so insecure. It will take at least a month, maybe longer, for him to settle in and be sure that he's safe in a stable home. And kids and dogs, she said, are a bad combination. We need to teach Jacob how to approach the dog. Made me realize we need to stop thinking of this whole thing from our point of view and think of the dog's view.
Jacob said tonight that he thought he'd get used to Luke. Tomorrow I'll tell him what we have to worry about is not that but getting Luke used to Jacob.
All in all I'm feeling optimistic tonight. And went with friends to have wonderful barbecue for lunch at a local place where we sat on the patio--beautiful day!
Okay, back to chili.

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