Monday, October 13, 2014

Flashlights in bed and divided loyalties

If you were a die-hard reading kid like me and one of my sons, you remember taking a flashlight to bed so you could read under the covers after lights out. Well, technology has changed all that. Last night, after I thought Jacob was safely tucked in bed, I checked and saw this strange glow coming from under the cover. He'd taken his iPad to bed with him. Unfortunately, he was playing games, not reading. I confiscated the iPad, but it brought back fond memories. Jamie may correct me but I think he used to read Dungeons and Dragons books. He had several favorite fantasy, paranormal authors. Me? I was probably reading Nancy Drew. An iPad just isn't as subtle as a flashlight.
We are a family of divided loyalties. I have a degree from TCU and worked there thirty years; while Jordan never attended the school, she grew up in its shadow and often in the midst of its social life. Christian is a proud alum of Baylor. Saturday it all came to a head with the epic clash on the football field between the two schools.
Jacob is caught somewhere in the middle. He's grown up on stories of Baylor, but he's gone to baseball camp at TCU and then by serendipity met and was most impressed by a football player. He's been to most of the games this season at both schools. Last week Jordan announced his hashtag for the weekend was #identity crisis--Friday night she dressed him in a Baylor shirt, a TCU hat, and one glove from each school. Then she posted a picture.
But Saturday, at the game in Waco, they were all green and gold. Jordan has told me, almost apologetically, that she would root for Baylor. Her sister called her a traitor, and I commented that if she'd only worn purple as she should, TCU would have won. It was one of those games people can't stop talking about and, yes, TCU should have won. But with twelve minutes to go (which can be an eternity in a football game), they lost focus and acted as though the game was over. Result, as many of you know: Baylor won by three points.
At this point, eight years old, it's almost a given that Jacob will go to one of the two schools. I suspect in the long run it depends less on his preference but which one gives him the best scholarship. Since he "forgot" to turn in last  week's homework on Friday, that's not looking hopeful in third grade but we're working on it. We can't get him to believe that what he does now will matter by the time he's ready for college.
Wish he'd start taking a flashlight to bed and reading under the covers. I wouldn't confiscate the flashlight, at least not so quickly.

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