Sunday, October 05, 2014

A hidden museum you should find

If you live in the DFW area and haven't found the Museum of the Americas, you  really should take a trip to Weatherford. You'll find the museum tucked away in a couple of storefronts on the highway that leads right to the courthouse. Co-owners are Dr. Harold and Elizabeth Lawrence, and it's a joy to see people so wrapped up in and thoroughly enjoying what they're doing. The four main rooms of the museum feature art and artifacts of Native Americans, Mexico and Latin America. Last night's exhibit was a sampler of Regional Art of Latin America. Oil, acrylic and watercolors, a stunning piece of metal work, sculpture, some unusual glass sculptures. Harold gave a fascinating gallery talk on the work in the exhibit--artists lived in, worked in and were influenced by various cultures. Some pieces were clearly influenced by cubism; others reflected the politics of the people's movement; all were fascinating.
My favorite collection in the entire museum is the arrowheads--if you go, get Harold to tell you the story of how they arrived in a jumble that he carefully sorted, researched, and assembled. It's an education in itself.
Elizabeth always has delicious nibbles, and the eclectic crowd that gathers for the openings is fascinating. I see several people I haven't seen in a long time--in fact, went with dear old (take that two ways) friends I don't see much.
After I got home I reflected that I don't get out enough to that kind of affair, and I always have such a good time when I do--mixing learning and sociability. Much as I enjoy it, my world is limited to writing, a grandson, a few friends, and of late dogs--who are barking at each other right at my feet. This was supposed to be last night's blog but by the time I got home and caught up with myself and the dogs, I confess I went to bed. Pretend you're reading on Saturday night, please.

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