Friday, October 03, 2014

Dog update, for those who care

A good friend--actually she calls me her Fort Worth mom since her real mom is in Canada--came for dinner tonight.. We ate on the deck with Luke for company, and he was sweet, loving, calm, and delightful. Sue announced decisively that he needs to feel part of the family and the first step was to let both dogs run together for ten minutes in the yard. The vet had warned me against running since he's in heartworm treatment but Sue maintained it would do more for his spirit. So we experimented--and they had a blast. No hostility, lots of tail wagging and chasing. They soon gave out, and I corralled them to bring inside and feed separately.
After Sue left I let them have the run of the house together--other than wild chasing, rugs kicked up, I have seen no problems. They're having a ball. I think she's right--that's what both of them needed. If you can't tell from the above, I'm weakening on my resolve to get Luke a new home. He craves affection. He got out twice today and both times ended up at the front door, saying, "Let me in, please." In fact one time, he almost beat me down the driveway and edged his way in the minute I opened the door. That dog doesn't want to go anywhere--he just wants to be part of the family. I don't think I have the heart to uproot him again.
Yes, I worry about the snapping incidents. One had to do with a toy and is a lesson learned--also part of Luke's assimilation into the household. The other two had to do with that blasted cone of shame...and today it's gone, banished. I think we may be all right.
Please pray that I am making the right decision. It was hard to get a picture of the two of them together--a moving target--but the above is the best I could do.


Sue Boggs said...

They really did have fun. My only worry is that Luke will get out and Sophie will follow. But he so does want to be part of the household. And yes, he is perfectly adorable.

Judy Alter said...

This morning it's Sophie who's driving me wild. He quiets down but she yips at him incessantly. Found and barricaded his escape route but haven't tried yet. Will after I go to CM.

Kait said...

Hang in there Judy. There is always and adjustment period, but I'm betting they will be fine. I agree about uprooting Luke again. Sounds like he needs, craves, and has found stability! Pats and pets to both Luke and Sophie.

Judy Alter said...

Thanks,Kait. It might be easier if I could turn them out in the yard to run their energy off but Luke is not supposed to run because of his heartworms. They run like mad in the house, though, before they finally settle down. Calling the vet again in the a.m. But yes, he's sweet.