Monday, August 25, 2014

Back to routine

Routine, they say, is good for you, and I believe it. Now that school has started, I expect to be on a schedule and much more productive--don't ask me in a month. But gone are the days of sleeping late and long naps. It's the school year. 
I started what I hope will be a routine--morning errands to a minimum so I can work, a brief nap after lunch, and Jacob at three. Then work again in the evening. Already my schedule is going awry--dinner plans Monday through Thursday this week.
I did my yoga routine this morning for the first time in over ten days. Felt really good and energized--of course by now, at 8:30, I'm exhausted and ready for bed. But I honestly think a week away refreshed me--I am less anxious, more self-confident, less shaky, more sure-footed. Hope it lasts. Meantime my desk is overflowing with projects, and I'm behind each day before I even begin. Better than what I thought retirement was going to be--bo-ring!
All my chickens started school today. I have a cute picture of the Tomball Alter children, Morgan and Kegan, but somehow I couldn't save it. They started a new school today, in a new town where they have no friends--yet. From the smiles on their faces, I know they'll make friends soon. Morgan will be taking karate, Kegan playing soccer, and they'll be in the midst of things.
Jacob, eight, had his picture taken in the same spot he's had it taken for four years now. By the time he enrolls in fifth grade, his dad plans to have a whole album chronicling his growth. The Austin boys didn't want summer to end, but they were excited about school. That's Ford to the left, below Jacob, and Sawyer below that. Sawyer is ten and Ford is seven. Whoo! Hard to arrange these pictures attractively.


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