Thursday, August 28, 2014

A simple day--or not

My goals for the day seemed fairly manageable to me--get a haircut, stop at the health food store and the alterations shop (they're moving and said please come back next week), home to make a pot of chowder to take to a friend's house tonight, monitor Sisters in Crime listserv, grab a nap, pick Jacob up at three, have wine with Jordan at 4:30, go to dinner at 4:45. An easy day, right? Actually it worked out that way--the new me did not let myself feel rushed, and I got it all done with time to spare.
Two new computer problems reared their heads today: I get no audio on Facebook or other sites--particularly bad because I'm trying to listen to an audition for an audio version of my book of short stories, Sue Ellen Learns to Dance and Other Stories. I haven't had audio on Facebook all along, which didn't bother me much--didn't have to listen to all those speeches before people dumped ice water on their heads. Rosa, who cuts my hair, explained something to me about that--you're supposed to be dumped with ice water, then dumped again so you feel the numbness that ALS patients feel all the time. Made a lot more sense, and I think someone should have made that very public before this. I'm afraid too many people get on the ice-dumping bandwagon without even knowing anything about what an awful condition ALS is.
The other one is that I cannot print from a web page. Got a recipe I'd like to save and a really nice review of The Perfect Coed--can't print either one. Will forward them to Jordan, but I've got to solve that problem. The cooking part of my day went well--the chowder smells delicious. Bacon, onion, chicken broth, potato, zucchini, and yellow squash.. Just before serving I'll add cream and frissons of basil. Smelled delicious as I cooked it.
Maybe I didn't get any writing done, but it was nice to have a day with simple goals. Last week I was inundated with projects--the audio audition, the neighborhood newsletter, posting The Perfect Coed to Amazon (where it now has it's soft opening, as restaurants say), getting a start on the sequel to The Perfect Coed, and getting organized to help promote the boxed set, Small Town Charm, which will include my novel, Murder at the Blue Plate Café. Some of those balls are still in the air, but I'll try to deal with them as I can. But the chowder is made, the newsletter is off to the designer, and The Perfect Coed is posted. I'm moving ahead.

2 comments: said...

I look forward to your books, Judy. They are like the rewards for my "day job". Ann

Judy Alter said...

Thanks, Ann. What a lovely thing to say.