Saturday, September 07, 2013

A spot on the moon--and some fine food

There's a spot on the moon. I'm convinced of it. Yesterday I got all the way to the grocery store, only to discover I had left my list at home. I simply do not shop without a list, so home I went--probably a twenty-to-thirty minute delay in that shopping trip was I was trying to hurry through. This morning I went to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription--drove up to the drive-through window and realized I didn't have my drivers license or my debit card. Back home--a shorter trip.
Jordan emailed that she had taken to her bed. She had a melt-down at Jacob's baseball game--felt she was going to faint, over-heated, completely out of control. A friend got her Gatorade and helped her; what she wanted was to go home to bed but she wouldn't leave Jacob. Fortunately his other grandparents arrived--the ones who are good grandparents and go to baseball games (I went to one and gave it up). So she went home and left them to cheer and then take him to supper. They really are good to come all the way from a Dallas suburb to his games. Next week they'll come because the kids are both busy on his practice night, and I have a class to teach.
Then a good friend who was coming for wine and a catch-up session emailed that she was under the weather--I think the heat got her too. So no happy hour.
But it's been a nice, lazy day. I'm a bit stumped about my novel. There's a character who keeps appearing, and I'm not sure why or how she relates to the plot. But I'm letting her go her merry way. Tonight, though, I'm taking a break and reading The End of Your Life Book Club, written by a man who goes to chemo with his mother regularly and she turns their visits into a book club. They both have more highbrow tastes than I do, but it's a powerful book, based I'm sure on a real experience.
Good food lately. Last night I fixed vichyssoise--found an easy and good recipe on the blog, "Mystery Lovers Kitchen," so thanks, Peg Cochran, for that. And I made an old-fashioned, start-from-scratch Caesar salad, using the recipe in my original edition of The Joy of Cooking. The page is splattered with a thousand spots, proof that I used to follow that recipe often. The page for hollandaise is the same way. Tonight I made my favorite--salmon croquettes. Felt a little guilty indulging all by myself, without sharing with Elizabeth or Jordan, but I did it and enjoyed my feast. Cooked a fresh ear of corn that needed to be cooked, and tried a roasted cabbage recipe--cabbage didn't cook as quickly as I thought so it's for supper tomorrow night.
Now back to the reappearing character.

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