Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Living high on the hog

I didn't blog last night because it seemed I had nothing to say except that I'd been busier than ever doing I don't know what. But all kinds of things landed on my desk, from corrections to a proof to legal matters dealing with my cousin to  a book I really want to read and don't have time to immerse myself in--five-minute reading sessions are no fun.
Today, the opposite is true. I had breakfast with the Book Ladies--the monthly group of book people who sometimes talk about books and other times talk about travels and politics and grandchildren and who knows what. But it's always fun, and our numbers were strong this morning. Then lunch with friend Jean and a trip to pick up our flowers of the month.
But tonight was a rare experience. Mary Dulle generously and graciously asked me to be her guest at a wine dinner--the Cline Wine (I like the rhyme, never heard of the Cline Winery before) was cosponsored by Put a Cork in It and Lili's Bistro on Magnolia, at the Lilipad, their special events venue. I love wine, but I'm not especially good at a wine tasting because I don't much care for red wines. The menu, however, sent me into pure ecstasy.
The five-course meal began with a brie appetizer topped weith a jalapeno chutney--I'm not usually one for spicy, but this was delicious. Next came a tempura lobster salad with chilled green tea soba noodles (I'm not used to cold noodles), shredded cabbage, oven roasted tomatoes, and edamame, all tossed in a curry vinaigrette and dressed with micro-greens, Fantastic!
Next came a risotto with smoked mushrooms, roasted corn, cipollini onions and heirloom grape tomatoes. Oh so rich, but good--I barely ate half of it, saving room for the lamb and fingerling potatoes that were to follow. My lamb was just right--on the rare side of medium--topped with a salsa of fresh figs and cardamom (a spice I've loved since my mom used it in coffee cakes). The potatoes had a hint of rosemary and were crisply browned, and the plate was finished with spinach and what was supposed to be patty pan squash but looked like baby zucchini.
Dessert? Chocolate gelato topped with whipped cream, blackberries, a zinfandel reduction, and chocolate covered bacon--okay, I know it's trendy, but I didn't much like the bacon.
Photo by Mary Dulle
The meal on the whole though was wonderful--innovative and fresh combinations of flavors and textures--a true treat, and I enjoyed every minute of it, met some interesting new people--may even have sold a couple of books. What more could anyone ask?
Tomorrow back to routine--and to get some work done.

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