Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Nothing is as easy as it seems

Thanks to all who understood about the typos in my blog last night and sent good wishes and advice. One of my symptoms was that I could not type--it simply came out gibberish. I wrote the blog late last night when I thought all was well--apparently not.
And what I thought was a one-day little deal has grown into a pain in the neck. I'm to have an MI (I think the office assistant meant MRI) tomorrow. I dread that because I'm a bit claustrophobic--time to practice yoga deep breathing, etc. And then I see my doctor Friday. Bad news for me: I am forbidden to drive at least until I see the doctor on Friday and he has the results of the MRI. I had invited friends for Friday night supper and had a wonderful menu planned, now all down the drain. I've left messages asking if we can't go out, and I'm adjusting slowly, rearranging my thinking. Optimist that I am, I plan on grocery shopping Saturday morning, but I did tell Elizabeth she might have to go on a wine run before that.
You'd think two days at home would be a great time to write but it's too uncertain--or I'm too uncertain. I may get a guest blog done--have one in mind--but I'm between novels, waiting for my mentor to critique the one I gave him last week. So, joy oh joy, I'll read. That's what I meant to do today but I didn't get far.
Nice treat: Jamie, my third child, had an appointment in town today and came afterward to take me to lunch. I had picked out a nice little Italian place but he was so late we went to the deli--my favorite place anyway. Such a good visit with him. I've said it before and will no doubt say it again, but much as I love all my children, it's lovely to have face-to-face time with one of them. Jamie went with me to pick up Jacob, who was thrilled to see him, and then we went to see Jamie's third grade teacher, who is still hard at work. Lots of hugs and good memories (Jacob looked a little bored.)
'Off to shower and then there's that book I've been wanting to read. Oh, wait, I've got to make sense out of the disorder of my desk.


Babette Fraser Hale said...

I'll be pulling for totally benign results! How disturbing for you, and I hope all will be well. Best, Babette Hale

Judy Alter said...

Thanks, Babette. I'm hoping transient really means transient.