Saturday, May 18, 2013

A day in the life of ....

Wow! Today was a hectic, confusing, happy, noisy day with lots of fun and a problem. I spent the morning doing all those good things--watering plants, yoga, etc.--but since Colin, my oldest, didn't expect to arrive from Houston until noon I made German potato salad for tomorrow night and stuck it in the fridge. Just before noon, I pulled into Jordan's driveway--right behind Colin.
After a while Jamie arrived with Edie and we had a lovely time laughing and visiting, eating dips and tacos, and being the family that we are. But my nap was calling me, and I started to leave--until Jordan discovered a bubble on my passenger side front tire. She called Colin who said I could not even drive it home. So he, wonderful son that he is, took the spare to be aired up and then changed it, with help from his brother who arrived at just the right--or from his perspective, the wrong--time. I have great sons. Said my goodbyes once again and came home, caught up on a few details and crashed--slept soundly.
Tonight was Arts Goggle in Fairmount, and since I anticipated parking problems, Colin drove me. I was to sign books at State Representative Lon Burnam's office. With all the art displays and restaurants and attractions, I wondered how many people would go to a political office. Lon's wife, my good friend Carol, had put together an exhibit of historic photographs and had several books, not just mine, with authors present for signing. Oh, and food and wine. A steady stream of people filed through the office, and I sold enough books to make the evening worthwhile. In fact, Colin had to bring me more books. A successful evening.
I missed going to the trunk show at Urban Yoga where Elizabeth's friend from India, Uschi, had a display of the colorful tops she makes (I was wearing one tonight)--a big disappointment, but Elizabeth promised to bring some home for me to have my own private showing.
Now, everyone's gone except Colin and his six-year-old, Kegan, who are spending the night. Jacob is here tonight too to be with his cousin, and the three of them are watching a vampire movie. Such a joy to have at least one child and two grandchildren under my roof. Make me a happy camper. After this day, I'm tired but happy and counting my blessings.

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