Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Not the way I intended to spend my day

Started out the day with breakfast with a friend, catching up on writing new, friends, yes gossip. Then off to the nursery where I had several purchases in my mind. Tried to carry all the plants up the stir at once. Bit mistake. Fell although I didn't hurt myself. But noticed that I wasn't walking quite as assuredly as I usually do, and I had trouble typing simple messages. Buy the time a friend called to say she was picking my up for lunch, she said, "Are you okay? " I assured her I was fine. When she got here, she said, "Are you sure  you're all right. Do you want to postpone lunch. "No, I have to eat. In the car on the way home, she said, "I thnk you should see your doctor. Something happened today." I pooh-poohed the suggested. Then Elizabeth came in and said, "Are you all alright? Your speech is slow, slurred."  I ddn't see or hear that. But the next thing I knew Jordan arrived, Elizabeth having called her. And almost instantaneously my brother called. They all convinced me to call the doctor who, of course, wasn't it. But the nurse recommended the  ER. So off Jordan and I went, while Elizabeth went to get Jacob and do homework.
The ER was very efficient (Harris Southwest) and the personnel kind. All kind of tests--chest x-ray, urine sample, blood work, EKG, and CT of m brain.
Final diagnosis: transient alternative awareness, which nobody had ever heard of except me who could identify. Anxiety/phobia patients often suffer a feeling of dissociation. The thing as I didn't feel that way today, but I suppose all things are possible. Also lo sodium and potassium, so the girls have been plying me with water, o.j., and bananas. They also went, sweet things, and got me meatloaf for supper, so now I have a nice piece for a lunch sandwich tomorrow.
But a da in the ER (okay really only two hours) make you focus on yourself; how od I feel? Is my gait unsteady? Is my typing erratic? Yes to some of those, but Elizabeth said tight that I sound much better.
Tomorrow will be a better day. I have promised tot take it easy, have canceled some social meetings for the next two days.  I may bore myself to death.
But tonight I am grateful that I have friends and family around me who are so observant and care so much. What if I lived totally alone? Think Sophie would have called for help?


ReaderWoman said...

Hugs dear, Judy! Thoughts and white light streaming your way...
Laura Hulka SCN/SCBR

Judy Alter said...

Thanks so much, Laura. I have been told over and over that the typos indicate that all was not well. I can type today. Hooray!