Saturday, May 25, 2013

My friend, Golda Blum

On the Sisters in Crime listserv this morning I read the words of one crime writer who said she loves blogs about techniques of money laundering and the like, but stories of people's grandchildren bore her. Brought me up short for a moment, but I figure readers of my blog are either my friends or readers of my books, which are cozies not crime studies, and  you'll forgive me more than an occasional grandchild or dog story. Here's one I just can't resist sharing:
Jacob asked me last night, "Where's my Golda Blum?"
No idea what he was talking about. I know about Golda Meier and author Judy Blume so I thought maybe he had a book by Golda Blum, an author I'd not heard of.
"I left it on the table, and you moved it." (It's always my fault.)
When I said I had no idea what he was talking about and I hadn't moved anything except the empty pudding cups he and his friend left behind, he said, "You know, the coin the Tooth Fairly left me."
Aha! A gold doubloon. Never one to pass up an educational chance, I pulled up doubloon on the computer. Then nothing would do but we scroll through all the pictures, though I assured him he wouldn't find his. Doubloons are from the 16th and 17th centuries, priceless today, and the Tooth Fairy would not have left it. Of course, we did find one that looked just like his, and he was triumphant.
Then we examined the printing on the back (I didn't point out that real doubloons are double sided and do not having printing stamped on the back).. You guessed it, I'm sure. "Disney. Made in China." Instead of the great disappointment I thought he'd feel, he was ecstatic and kept saying "China! It was made in China!" as though that tripled its value.
I spent much of the rest of the evening trying to teach him to say gold doubloon.

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