Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Taking a Break

Houseguests arrive tomorrow. I have been anticipating their visit for weeks.They are friends who date back to the early sixties, though the story of our friendship is too long to recount here. Needless to say they are among those I really value. I'll have the joy of sitting on the porch, drinking wine, and visiting about life and its vagaries. Equally important, they are giving me a chance to put my busy life on hold--no speaking engagements, no work on the novel (who can concentrate?), not even much thought to Christmas preparations, which is a direction my mind took tonight. Much as I love my busy life--this is retirement?--I'm putting it on hold until (oops--that's one of Jacob's spelling words this week!) Tuesday--and really looking forward to it.
Today I went to the grocery; tomorrow I'll cook--an overnight salad that I figure I can make first thing in the morning, put it in the fridge, and convince it it's been there overnight. Cheeseburger soup--nope, never tried it but it sounds delicious and not really too fattening except for the Velveeta. I'll play with proportions. And Palmetto cheese biscuits to have ready for breakfast the next morning.
After that my main cooking will be breakfast dishes and I love it--I have all these scrumptious sounding breakfast recipes and no one to try them on, so I'll fix potato nests with eggs and bacon, Welsh rarebit (oh, that's a story in itself) made with stout, and maybe a spinach/cheese souffle. My own mouth is watering, and I hope theirs will be.
We have no agenda for the weekend beyond two trips to the ranch to see my brother. Martha had fallen sometime back, and my brother, ever the concerned osteopathic physician par excellence, wants to check her out and probably see her twice. Friday's trip will be early, so I can be back to pick up Jacob. Don't know which day we'll go again. Mostly, we'll do nothing. Can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to that.

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Have fun.