Monday, October 29, 2012

Austin, family, a triathlon and a birthday party

Oldest and youngest

 Two of my gorgeous granddaughters
These imps were poised for mischief all weekend
Every year, I ride to Austin with Melinda, production manager for TCU Press, for the Texas Book Festival. We'd spend two days owrking the TCU Press booth at this mammoth celebration of  books. This year I rode with Melinda, as always, and we met friends at Z Tejas for late afternoon wine. But I didn't go near the festival. My family was in town, and family comes first. Besides times change, and the festival no longer looms as a mjor event in my life.
I actually spent Friday evening alone at my daughter's while she and her family and the Frisco Alters went off to my grandsons' school carnival. They convinced me I did't want to go, so I had a peaceful evening--for a while. Then they all returned, and the Houston Alters arrived. Three of my four grown couples and six of my seven grandchildren--a treat, and we missed those who couldn't join us. Everyone talked until late in the night.
Saturday my sons were off to a hotel to prepare for the next days half Ironman traithlon, while the rest of us went to Shady Grove for lunch. There's a nice grassy area where the kids got an impromptu soccer game going. Saturday night we fixed fajitas, and Sunday we had a big breakfast of eggs and sausage. Then everyone left about noon to go greet the runners--and convinced me I wanted to stay home. Not hard--I got some work done, had a nap, and didn't have to do all that walking.
Both did well on the race or competition or whatever--this was only Colin's second try at a triathlon. I don't know his time but think it's impressive that he finished, especially since his bad knee was bothering him. Jamie had a catastrophe--the seat post on his new bike broke, and he had to walk it in until someone came to get him. There went his time, and he said he was sailing along before. But the kids reported he was in good spirits. I think it's as much in the doing as the competition.
Late Sunday afternoon was Ford's sixth birthday party--a scavenger hunt. This time I tagged along because Megan assured me it was a pretty place, with benches for sitting. I didn't realize that the kids and adults would all go off in the woods, leaving me far behind. Megan was aghast I didn't bring my book--"You always take a book wherever you go!" So I sat soaking up the sun and watching about fourteen peacocks--plus a whole lot of diverse people out enjoying the lovely day. (Note to my brother: I was outdoors, getting fresh air and sunsine.)
Over this long but happy weekend, I read, by fits and starts, a book I've been needing to get to and roughed out a review, which made me feel good. Got home today about 1:00 and picked up where I'd left off, catching up on mail and email and Jacob's homework. Routine is good, but it sure was nice to have that break and see all those wonderful grown kids and grandkids. I've discovered, among other things, I sleep better away from home because I don't have the responsibilities that call me out of bed at home.
Hmm, soon can I cme back?

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