Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A down day

Maybe my mood today was influenced by the news out of  the East, but I was so inundated with pictures of devastation beyond imagining that I half expected to see water standing in the streets when I went out. And the day didn't get any better.
This is a very short post because, once again, I spilled wine on my wireless keyboard--actually under it--and killed it. I find it hard to type on a laptop, especially when I keep turning to look at the larger monitor screen on my desk. I foresee a stiff neck. I immediately ordered a new one and paid exorbitantly to have one-day delivery from Amazon; promptly got a notice from UPS that my package would be delivered Friday! It could be a couple of other things, but I suspect it's the keyboard. Called Amazon--they assured me the keyboard will arrive tomorrow. Hope this isn't the beginning of one of my classic runs of three mishaps in a row.
I did do two new things today and most people will laugh that they're new to me. When the six o'clock news on NBC was over, Btian Williams said they would go on another half hour on some stations, and if our local station didn't do it to watch it on NBC Nightly news where it would be streaming live (is that the phrase?). Anyway, I did. So now I'm not intimidated by that idea any more.
And I ordered a print from CVS--uploaded it from my computer. We'll see tomorrow how that works out. I have a fancy photo tray on my new printer, but I lexperimented (another bold step) and found I don't know how to size a photo properly. Hoping CVS will do that for me.
Without a keyboaard that I can write pages on, I did a lot of Christmas planning today and found I'm almost through shopping. That's a bright point in the day!

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