Monday, October 01, 2012

Oh, that full moon

Do you believe in the effects of a full moon or phases in the moon or, as saying goes, spots on the moon? Saturday night was a full moon, and those who follow such things advised that we stay inside and keep our heads low--bad things were bound to happen. But after that, on Sunday, all would be rosy. So I awoke Sunday morning expecting a glorious days--and in some ways it was but in others went oh so awry.
One of the wonderful parts of the day was church. Our church has a first grade inclusion service, which essentially means after they enter first grade, children are included in the adult worship service. All first graders went up to the front of the church and as a name was called each received a chalice pin. Jacob was clearly the most handsome, most composed child to greet the minister. What? Me prejudiced? Never. Afterwards, his parents and grandparents went for lunch at The Star, where owner Betty Boles, my friend best known to Jacob as Aunt Betty, met us. Jolly lunch, good food, but suddenly I was done, ready to be out of there and home.
Digital disaster waited for me at home. My printer wouldn't work; I installed an upgrade on my iPad and then couldn't connect it to Wi-Fi. I struggled with both all evening. Unplugged the printer so it could collect itself, which it failed to do. Finally Elizabeth came in, tried all the things she knew and most of which I had tried, and we decided the printer was telling us goodbye. Meanwhile, the iPad was working furiously for hours to connect itself.
I'm happy to say that today the gods seem in place--or maybe the full moon has spent its after-effects. I got a medium-line printer which will be installed tomorrow--yes I paid for installation because I don't need any more frustration. I called up the Apple site and fought through their help page to one that I thought was giving me the directions I needed, only to find that when I turned it on, the iPad ws connected to my home Wi-Fi. My world looks a lot better today, but I do hate technical problems.


LD Masterson said...

You sure that full moon wasn't on Sunday? I spent all Sunday evening on the phone with GoDaddy tech support on an e-mail problem that's still only partially resovled. (One of the reasons I'm doing my blog reading this late on Monday.)

judyalter said...

LOL, LD. I'm not at all sure. I'm not even positive it's gone today--a friend who is deep into such things says the effects can linger for days. But today seemed better for me. Hope it did for you too.