Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Let sleeping dogs lie

All my life, I've heard "Never wake a sleeping baby or dog." Jacob doesn't seem to get that principle, no matter how much I explain it to him. Today he began to itch ferociously at day care and since the school were getting ready to go on a field trip, the teachers didn't think it wise for him to go. So I got him about one o'clock. Things were fairly peaceful--his mom brought some Benedryl (if I thought it would make him sleepy, I was sadly mistaken), he played with the puppy and then ran to give the big dog love, and I read a book. About three o'clock I decided to nap and insisted that I was putting Scooby in his bed and Sophie in her crate. I gave strict instructions that he was to stay in the backroom, lie on his bed, and watch TV, except in the case of emergency, by which I meant fire or some other drastic thing. Of course I hoped he'd go to sleep.
I'd doze off and then hear a noise and open my eyes to see Jacob loving on Scooby (Lord knows the poor dog needs a lot of love these days, having to put up with a puppy). Then I'd see him at the crate, and he'd say "Let her out. She's not sleeping." My reply: "She would if you'd go away." Jacob jumped on the bed, put his face by mine, and said, "But I love her so much." Another time, when I had again dozed off, he took a flying leap and landed on me--an abrupt awakening.
I tried to explain that if he woke the dogs and got them worked up, they'd both have to go outside to pee, and it was just too hot. "Uh uh," he said with firm conviction, "they won't." Of course, the puppy was desperate to go out. Jacob said he'd take her, but he was out and back in so fast my head spun. "Did she pee?" "Nope." So I took her back out and the first thing she did was pee.
At one point, Jacob tripped over the pup right in front of me and said to me, "I'm telling on you!" When I asked what I did, he said, 'You tripped me." Yeah, sure, that's what grandmothers are for.
Lord give me strength. I can handle a five-year-old boy, and I can handle a ten-week pup, but I'm not sure about the two together.
Jacob has gone home to a late supper, and there is one exhuasted pup sleeping at my feet. The cat stayed aloof from all this and is hiding I know not where--wise cat! And oh yes, Jacob stopped itching the minute I got him home, although going out in the heat with the pup did make him itch again. Who knows?

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