Monday, July 25, 2011

Kidz Can Make a Difference

I am so proud of Morgan Alter, my granddaughter who is about to turn seven (she's the one in the green tank and white cap). She came up with the idea and organized, with her mom's help, a Kidz Clean Up day in their Kingwood neighborhood (north of Houston). Morgan decided that kids--and parents--could band together early on a Saturday morning and walk along the streets picking up trash. She posted a large sign, and her mom sent out an email to the neighbors. Last Sunday seventeen volunteers turned out to collect twenty pounds of trash. Morgan was the crew leader--that's her brother, Kegan, standing in front of her. Mom Lisa figured it was good not only for the kids to get a spirit of pitching in and being a part of the neighborhood, but it was good for the entire neighborhood to come together. As she wrote me, "Kids can make a difference." I am proud of the whole family and the difference they've made in their neighborhood.
Sophie had a busy day today--an eleven-year-old boy came to play with her all morning, which was like a vacation for me--I gave the cat an infusion, ran some errands, and got some work done. Then tonight a friend came to bring her a "dental bone" and played with her. She's tapped out at my feet right now. And I'm ready for bed. Such tiring days we have!
Warning: I may break all my self-imposed rules, which are silly anyway, and do a political blog. I am outraged by the Republican refusal to cut taxes and tax shelters on big corporations and wealthy citizens but ther willingness to cut  benefits to the middle class and those with even lower income.

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