Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Goodbye, Casey Anthony

The Casey Anthony trial is over and done with, and we can all move on with our lives. I have mixed emotions about it but will trust in the judgment of twelve of Anthony's peers. As one of my friends pointed out on Facebook, almost 1800 children in this country are killed or go missing every year. Why did the media fixate on this one case? Maybe because of the month delay in reporting the child missing? Maybe because of the mother's lifestyle? What does it matter? It's taken up way too much of our time and attention.
On the Sisters in Crime listserv and on a couple of blogs, a handwriting expert, Sheila Connally, has come forward with her analysis of the writing of the Anthony family members and of Casey's boyfriend who figured in the case--though I gathered they'd broken up before Caylee disappeared. Connally concludes that the Anthonys are a family of liars--Casey has lots of secrets, shows the signs of someone who has been abused and wants to separate herself from her family; her father shows the signs of a control freak and a liar; the mother is the good girl who will do anything to protect her family--and apparently has. Only the son/brother, Lee, comes off sympathetically in this exercise--he feels he's not been part of the family unit (maybe he should be grateful) and feels alienated from them but is otherwise a pretty normal guy. The ex-boyfriend is a nice guy caught in a bad place.
Who knows how credible handwriting analysis is--some came forward to contradict these interpretations right away but a part of me surely believes there's something really wrong in this family picture. Nonetheless, it's not for us to say, and soon another sensational story will, thank goodness, replace it in the news.
In the meantime, RIP Caylee Anthony. I hope they stop putting those pictures of you on TV, because they break my heart every time I see them. And Casey Anthony? Goodbye comes from a contraction of God be with you--and I hope she will recognize that. She'll need all the help she can get as she goes forward, if she does.

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