Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy Fourth of July

My celebration of the 4th was going to be to take Jacob to the neighborhood parade. When he woke up, all sweet because he was still sleepy, he said, "I've never seen a parade." I explained this would be a small one. We picked out his clothes, I fixed his breakfast, and he announced: I've been to a parade. I don't got to go again." He adamantly did not want to go. Turned out he was fearful there would be fireworks, which I assured him there wouldn't. He still didn't want to go, so I put on my "house" clothes again and went out to water plants on the porch--where I saw all kinds of neighbors walking toward the parade, including my next-door neighbors that Jacob considers his special friends. When I reported this, he said, "I want to go." So we got dressed, with him shouting, "Hurry up, Juju!" And we went to the parade, which truly was a bit of a disappointment--except Jacob was enthralled by the kid who had a miniature motor-powered car. It was mostly neighbors walking, some with decorated wagons or other children's vehicles, then a police car,and  the cars. Jacob wasn't much taken by my suggestion that next year we could decorate my VW bug convertible and drive in the parade.
Earlier that morning I'd noticed that my black bag of clippings was gone from the front  yard--I planned to work some more on cone flowers tonight. Then I saw that the cone flowers had all been cut back. I "accused" Jay and Susan next door but they denied it. At the parade, Jacob and I parked ourselves by Greg and Jaimie's house, Greg being the one who keeps my garden lovely. Turns out they had come up at 6:30 in the morning and done it because Jaimie said to Greg, "We've got to do something about Judy's flowers." Greg has a new pacemaker and is not supposed to do ANTYHING! But he said Jaimie brought him up and she bagged while he cut. Such wonderful neighbors. He says he feels great and hates his house arrest.
Jacob left at noon to go to a nearby lake with his parents and then watch the fireworks at the country club. That two-faced child told his dad he wasn't afraid of fireworks and he hadn't said that at all. I'd misunderstood him. Yeah, sure.
It seems I'm in deep disgrace tonight. I wrote Colin to ask how their day was and he pointedly wrote back to say it was fine and so was their eleventh anniversary yesterday--plus he still carries a grudge because I didn't call on his birthday, though honest I didn't forget it--I called the next morning. Birthdays I always remember but I'm not so good at anniversaries. But, yes, they married eleven years ago on Grand Cayman and we all had a blast at the wedding. If I forgot that one, then I also forgot Jamie and Mel's fourteenth which was June 27 or 29--see, I'm not even sure what date. Contrary to Colin's conviction, it does not mean that I love my sons less--it just means that I am forgetful about anniversaries. But I hereby publicly apologize and wish all parties many more years of happiness.
Something else I forgot: one of the members of my memoir class asked me to look at the first eighty pages of her memoir--weeks ago. It dawned on me today I hadn't done it, so that was how I spent the day. Tonight back to work on my own stuff, until it's time to take a glass of wine to the porch and listen to the fireworks. Jacob said he just wanted to hear them, not see them, and I agree. Sitting directly under them always makes me think I'm going to have a heart attack!

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