Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Things I have learned recently

Do not leave your hearing aids in when doing yoga, especially if you have a stuffy nose or sinus trouble

Do not leave your hearing aids when using an electric toothbrush

Beware that eating a crisp dill pickle with hearing aids in creates an explosion in your head

When you remove the spritzer on the kitchen sink, planning to replace it, do not turn on the faucet; the water does not go to the faucet but gushes out of the spritzer hose like Old Faithful

Do not attempt to pass the garden hose from one hand to the other behind you and accidentally turn on the nozzle just when it gets squarely behind you; another water disaster

I can give a cat an 2 cc. infusion of Ringer's Solution, without disastrous results

I can transplate a cactus, but the results were disastrous for the cactus

Don't count on waltzing into your local bank and buying Travelers Cheques--they don't all carry them; you have to go online and search for sites where they are available

Do not believe a four-year-old when he tells you he'll eat a hamburger, then says he doesn't want it and eats all his fries with three cups of ketchup. Then he says he understands he can't have ice cream when we get home, but of course asks for it the minute we get in the door. He was, however, absolutely talktative and charming to a tableful of adults that he'd never met before. So proud of Jacob! And thanks to my friends at the Old Neighborhood Grill for being so kind to him.

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