Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day

Blessings and happiness to all who nurture, be they mothers, surrogate mothers, people who care, whatever. It's a good day for sharing love and thinking about your blessings.
I had a lovely, lazy day--kept busy all morning though as I look back I can't tell you what I accomplished--maybe doing a load of laundry, watering plants, answering emails, making macaroni salad.
One thing I found, while reading Twitter, was a site about Slutfest--sounds awful, right? Check it out--a police officer, addressing college law students, made an unfortunate remark about women having to dress "appropriately" to avoid being victims--the old blame the victim argument. Slutfest began in Toronto as a protest and soon became international. Read about it here: I'm not much for the title--or even some of the outfits--but I applaud the idea. It's time law enforcement and others got over blaming the victim. Title, however, is terribly inappropriate for Mother's Day:-)
And on Facebook I learned a new word: fissiparous. It means recreating as in fission or something, but can also mean a splinter group, etc. Apparently it was used in relation to Osama Bin Laden. I doubt I'll be dropping that word into casual conversation--I'm not even sure how to pronounce it, and I don't think I got the meaning quite right. Use your own dictionary for this one!
About 4:00 I headed to Jordan's for a family cookout--hamburgers with the fixin's, beans, my macaroni salad, and a Bundt cake for dessert. Sat around and visited, watched kids play which meant I never could tell if the party was moving inside or out but it sure was hot out. A nice, comfortable time. None of my other kids were here, though I had flowers and a FB messge from one, a phone call from another and, uncharacteristically, have not heard from my oldest. But it was a good day.
Now I'm back to work. Lots to get done this week.

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