Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Cats and diets and writing

For those who were kind enough to express concern about my cat, I'm glad to announce that he's doing much better. A visit to the vet this morning showed that he's gained 6 oz. in the last two weeks, and everything about him is better, except that he still has just a bit of his bladder infection. In general, the vet said he's doing well and I may get to keep hydrating him for two years. My second attempt, done without moral support from anyone, was relatively easy--I arranged everything (like an OR or something) before I went to get him. Occasionally while the IV flowed, I'd feel him tense to jump, but I just held firm and talked softly to him. We made it through 2 cc. I did that yesterday, feeling it wasn't fair to inflict on him the traumas of an infusion and a vet trip in one day. Is he grateful? Who can tell? He's a cat.
I promised some time ago not to keep blogging about dieting, but I can't resist saying this: I have gone off Weight Watchers. I told my doctor I was worried about my weight (even though I'd lost weight the day I saw him) and his advice was essentially to quit obsessing about Weight Watchers. So I quit. I joined a free site called LiveStrong (sponsored by the Lance Armstrong Foundation) that counts calories, exercise, and how much water you drink. I haven't learned to enter my exercise or water consumption, but the calorie lesson is a whole new thing. Raspberries and bananas were point-free, but they're sure not calorie-free. Eggplant is close to being calorie-free. But I'm not going to obsess about it. Tonight I had an antipasto plate with a side of asparagus risotto--and I have't checked the calories. Who can figure out an antipasto platter, and I'm sure I don't want to know about the risotto--but it sure was good. And wine and chocolate? They're really high in calories--there is no justice in this world! Honestly feeling a weight off my shoulders. I'll report from time to time.
I'm in a writing quandry. My desk is clear of projects--oh, yes, there's that second novel to revise. But in the next few weeks several family things will take me away from desk time, so should I start revising now, knowing I won't finish? I've been waffling, reading novels, doing busy stuff, but I think I'm going to get serious about starting the revisions. Of course then there's my memoir class tomorrow night, and Jacob the night after, and Mother's Day. But I'm tired of being without purpose--it makes me antsy. (Yes, it's a compulsive nature.) And besides, I would really like the second novel to come out on the heels of the first.

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