Friday, January 28, 2011

Let's rodeo!

I sent these serious gun-totin' cowboys off to the rodeo tonight. All my children (except for daughter-in-law Mel who has a class committment) are coming home this weekend--guess how happy that makes me! The Hudgeonses and Burtons wanted to take their boys to the rodeo tonight--so that's Ford on the left, then Jacob, and then Sawyer. Needless to say, they were excited--and of course they associate cowboys with guns. I had to tell Sawyer to put away a plastic machine gun, explaining it was NOT a cowboy gun and did not belong in the picture No need telling them yet that most cowboys couldn't hit the broad side of a barn if they tried.
When my children were little, it was some kind of coming of age mark when they were deemed old enough to go to the rodeo at night. I can remember taking the older two and leaving first Jamie and then Jamie and Jordan behind with babysitters. But finally they all got to go, and it was an annual ritual they loved. I did too back then, but now my sensibilities have become more acute or something--I really don't want to see the bull riding, for fear I'll see a catastrophe. And I don't much like calf roping, bronc riding--anything where man or beast can get hurt. Pretty sad for someone who has made t he American West her field of study. Megan said tonight, "I can tell you're not sad you're not going with us," and I agreed. After they left, I broiled a loin lamb chop, made a small salad, and had a quiet and happy dinner, knowing they'd be back later.
But I'm glad they thought the rodeo was important enough to come to town--first rodeo for all three boys--because it's part of our culture and history, a part of a world that I've embraced. Me, a Yankee? Maybe, some forty-five years ago but now I'm a Texan and I love all parts of the culture (okay not the politics).
Colin and his family will arrive later tonight, and Jamie and his girls will come in the morning. We'll do the exhibits and probably the Midway, though I may give out part way through all that. And then we'll have a family get-together tomorrow night. With the stock show in town--remember when it was called the Fat Stock Show?--and the Superbowl looming, I think going out would be foolish, but I've made no plans for supper. They'll have to decide--carry-out, a last minute trip to Central Market for  fajita meat, whatever. I have spent too much time planning meals my kids didn't eat, and I've learned my lesson.
But it's always a joyous weekend to me when they all come home. Meanwhile, I'll spend tonight reading more of the manuscript I'm critiquing--and waiting in anticipation for my children to come home. I did that for so many years, and now I'm back to it. Couldn't be happier.

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onepharmgal said...

Fun picture of the Grands! Glad all the family is gathering 'round for the Ft Worth Rodeo/midway/stock show.