Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another food day--and a bit of philosophy about that

Food seemed to dominate my thoughts and activity today. This morning I fixed my house guests breakfast--an experiment of course. I buttered and toasted pieces of French bread, put one in the bottom of each of three ramekins; topped it with sauteed spinach, crumbled bacon, and an egg, and then drizzled it with just a bit of cream. Lesson learned: you have to make a nest for the egg--they all slid to the side of the dishes and didn't make a pretty presentation. Baked them for 14 minutes at 400. Another lesson learned: they came out hard-cooked, when the whites should have been solidly cooked but the yolks runny to mix with the spinach and bread. I'll try that again.
Jeannie and I were supposed to go to lunch but I felt so full I didn't know if I'd be hungry by noon. Instead of going out, Jeannie came here and we each ate a bit of roulade with sauce and a bit of asparagus. I sent some roulade home to her husband, who is confined to bed with pneumonia, and I stiill have enough to give Jordan the leftovers she wants. It was, I say modestly, perhaps even better today than last night.
Tonight Betty and I went to dinenr--see? I told you it was a food day! We went to a German restaurant where she had a huge entree of beef wrapped in red cabbage and topped with a sauce or gravy and the biggest helping of cottage-fried potatoes I've ever seen. I had potato pancakes, which made up for the fact that I haven't had latkes in several years. Crisply fried and delicious--I didn't even need the applesauce and sour cream.
Jeannie and I were talking about friends and eating out, and I said I can go along for days eating modestly and healthfully but then a couple of days like the last two come along and I eat too much of the wrong things. But I'd rather do that and enjoy friendships and people and going out than sit at home and think about whether what I am eating is good for me or not. Jeannie agreed absolutely that without her small group of good friends she'd be boring and bored. So I guess we'll grow old and fat eating out together.
Needless to say I didn't get much work done today--I did ride my bike and have a good nap. I keep telling myself next week will be better.

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