Monday, May 24, 2010

Winding down the day

My son, Jamie, posts every place he goes on Facebook. I can tell you most days where he eats lunch and dinner, where he shops--yesterday it was Brookstone and Lululemon. But last night his post was "Winding down the day." Well, maybe he felt that way because it had been his wife's birthday and she had, as she said, been diva for a day. But I thought it was a strange post.
Hey, tonight, that's how I feel--at 8:45, I'm winding down the day. I don't mean to whine and throw myself into self-pity, but last night as I settled down for the evening at my desk (after doing dishes for company,etc.), winding down the day in Jamie's words, I began to feel my left should tighten up, around the shoulder blade. I have no idea what I did or what made it happen, but by the middle of the night, it really hurt, no matter how much I shifted positions. I took some aspirin, went back to sleep and slept until 8:00 a.m. But it still hurt. I took my time getting going and did some yoga, figuring I'd work the kinks out--maybe not a good idea. Went to the office to take care of a couple of small matters, came home,and by the time I was fixing lunch it really hurt again, sharply.
I accused Jordan of having my heating pad, but she assured me she didn't and reminded me that I hide things in strange places. I found it way back under the bed, covered with more dirt, dust and dog hair than I care to talk about. The cover went into the laundry, and I fashioned a new one of a towel and safety pins. When Jordan wrote that I was silly, I told her to be careful--she's the child most like me.
More aspirin, some wine, and a long nap--and I truly did feel better. Took my new neighbor down to see Charles, and we had a good visit--they talked about running, and I mostly listened, but as we left Brian said, "That's the high point of my day." I think Charles enjoyed it too, so I'm glad I got them together--Charles remembers Brian's brother, who is also a runner.
But tonight my shoulder hurts again, and I have no ambition for writing. Though I appreciate much Cindy Bonner's comment that one should stop rewriting and worrying about plot and character and all that and just put the words down to get through the first draft. That's what I did tonight, and I probably wrote between 3-1/2 to 4 pages.Tomorrow I'll see how much they sound llike drivel.
Meantime, I'm winding down the day. Thanks, Jamie, for putting me onto that phrase.

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