Sunday, May 16, 2010

More family fun--and a lesson about teenage reading habits

This morning I decided trying to organize my family was like herding cats, and I wasn't going there. So I let them figure things out at their own pace (age has brought remarkable wisdom) and they got it all done, albeit a bit later than they meant to, but . . .  . the grown girls had partied a bit much last night and weren't exactly feeling up to par. But they got the cars sorted out and delivered Jordan's to her, along with groceries for tonight.
While they did that, Maddie (the oldest who just turned eleven) and I went to Barnes & Noble to shop since I had given her a gift certificate. I put the top down on the convertible, thinking that would be a treat, but I couldn't see that she was much impressed. She turned out to be a careful shopper, finally bought one small book that would complete a Rick Riordan series she has, but she balked at the price for a small book ($12.95). I assured her TCU Press couldn't produce a book like that for that price, and she finally succumbed because she wanted it and Riordan is one of her favorite writers--she was thrilled when I gave her his e-mail address. She looked at the Stephanie Meyer's books (her mom has deckared the last one inappropriate, which doesn't seem to bother Maddie at all). She's read two, but there are a couple in the series she hasn't read that her mom thinks are okay. Trade paperbacks were $12.99, and she decided she'd wait for the mass market edition. (Is this a lesson for those of us in publishing?) I was amazed at the offerings in the teen section--all vampires, paranormal, fantasy, etc. (I can't sort the genres in my mind). Maddie had extensive knowledge of them and explained to me which series she read and liked, a series she liked the first two books but not the third, etc. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that she reads so much. We came home, she announced she was hungry, and I offered frozen Doris' casserole. "Do I like that?" Yes, I assured her, she always had. And then she settled down with a book, until her mom came to pick her up, whisk her out to Jordan's for a quick visit with visiting Dylan, and then home to Frisco.
I was sad to see them go and to know Megan wasn't coming back for a goobye hug, but a part of me was relieved--I caught up on emails, read a bit, and took a long nap. Barely woke in time to go to the bbq at Jordan's in honor of Dylan. I went with Jay and Susan--food was appetizers (Jay brought a wonderful salmon carpaccio) and hot dogs, of which I'm sure Jordan has a bunch left over. I even ate two plus too much of Jay's salmon, some artichoke dip, and a sour cream dip with potato chips. Glad I'm not doing Weight Watchers.
The guests at the party were mostly Jordan's young friends, but I always enjoy seeing them, and Jay, Susan and I sat back and watched and had a good visit. Jay and Dylan had a long talk--let's call that liberal meets conservative, but Dylan (the liberal) held her own and Jay said it was an enlightening discussion. I think the highlight of the party was when Jacob pulled down his britches in the backyard and peed--when Christian hollered at him, he just looked at his dad and continued about his business, then matter-of-factly pulled his pants up and went about eating his hot dog. Jay and I suggested he should wash his hands, but he replied that he hadn't used the bathroom (literally true!). Christian moaned, "Where did I go wrong?"
It's been a lovely weekend, filled with family and friends. Tomorrow, back to the real world and settling in to my new routine--writing daily. I have much to do and need the will power to stick with it.

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