Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Electronically challenged

Oh, I was so close to being smug today! The new Toshiba TV I ordered from amazon (after the old never-=hear-of-brand died suddenly in the midst of one of Jacob's TVs) arrived today. My first instinct of course was to leave it in the box and call for help--Christian, Jamie, Jay, someone, anyone! But then I thought, "Hey, you can figure this out!" So I unhooked the old one (no small trick), unpacked the new one (another challenge), and set it up. Lo and behold, I got it right, and it worked, offered me set-up options. I was sailing along--chose English (duh!), air connection (for U-Verse), and then auto selection for channels. That's when it all went amuck--got a fuzzy gray screen and an announcement that I could view analog channel 2 (I had seen it recognize no analog channels and search for digital). So I emailed Christian, who was "bonding" with Jacob tonight while Jordan was at an office happy hour. I offered them a quick dinner if he'd come fix it, and by the time he arrived at 6:45, I had it all ready. Took three minutes to put it on the table--French dip sandwiches and salad, chicken nuggets for Jacob who spent most of the dinner eating blueberries out of the conainer--he was distressed that I insisted on washing them, didn't want the container on a plate but we held firm that it would drip. So he got a lot of whatever good stuff is in blueberries, plus ate almost six chicken nuggets, a lot of ketchup (eventually smearing his hand in it, which brought down his father's wrath), and maybe two green beans.
Christian denied knowing how to fix the TV but played with it, and lo and behold! I have reception. He even discovered that it does have a built-in DVD player (I thought it did but couldn't find it) so my care in hooking up the old DVD player was for naught. The screen on this one is 3 inches bigger than the old one, but you sure can't tell it--still big enough for where it is. I am gratefulf or his help--and sorry it got too late for the haircut that Jacob had been promised. But then again, I love his curls and hate to see them cut off.
Other than that, a working day--worked at the office taking care of odds and ends and doing some research on sales for a reprint possibility, went to a real working lunch with an author and ended up with the seven edited chapters of her book to review. A pleasant day.

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