Saturday, May 15, 2010

Family times

Photos courtesy Dylan Alter. Most of the Alter clan gathered today to welcome Dylan, the kids' half-sister from California who was here for a weekend. We were missing the Houston Alters, and felt that sorely, but othrwise we had a a good time. These pictures are from lunch at Joe T. Garcia's and demonstrate that the cousins love each other. At the top Maddie (our mother hen) is showing Jacob something on her phone; bottom left, Megan ahd her two boys, Sawyer and Ford; and bottom right, Jacob and Sayer hugging each other. After lunch (about 4:00)  they went to ride the zoo train, and I went thankfully for a nap, though I was so out of my routine and so wound up I didn't sleep. Still it was good to lie down.
Tonight my house was uncontrolled chaos, with two naked three-year-olds running through the house screaming like banshees (I figured out, much too late, that taking my hearing aids out made it much better). We had a hastily put together supper of spaghetti and salad, and it was nine before we thought about moving on. The blessing is that Mel, who had taken Maddie back to Frisco for a soccer game (only to find it forfeited) came back with both girls. So I am relieved of babysitting--Maddie and Edie delight in putting their young cousins to bed and right now I do not hear a sound coming from the back of the house. I am so blessed.
Dylan found out today that she had passed the bar in California, so there was double rejoicing. She kept pulling up the list tomake sure her name really was on it and that she really had passed. But she did, and we're all proud of her. She doesn't see her siblings often, but they all enjoy being together, and she enjoyed the children. At one point she said to me, "I can't wait to see them all as teen-agers." I think I shudder at the thought.
Jamie, Megan and I, with Ford, Sawyer and Edie, had gone to visit Uncle Charles tonight--and though he was on his way out to dinner, he was delighted to see the kids and grandkids. As we left the parking lot, we found a snail which, of course, we had to bring home. HIs name is Gary, and tonight, before our late dinner, we sat on the porch, drinking wine and watching Gary. Jay came over, and the new neighbor on the other side stopped by. I love having a porch where people gather, and I love having a bunch of people around--especially my children and grandchildren.
Now, at ten, the grown girls have gone out on the town, Jamie has gone back to Frisco to get ready for a sprint triathlon tomorrow, and the children are going to sleep. Me? I'm going to read a bit and fall into bed. Having family around is wonderful but hectic and tiring.
Life is surely sweet.

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