Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Porch time and trying to dig into a new project

Well, darn. I specifically went out tonight to take pictures of the new chairs and uploaded (downloaded?) them from the camera, saw that they were next to pictures of the new "bistro set" so I could show how they match. But now I can't find a one of them on the computer. Trust me. They're neat, comfortable stack chairs, aluminun frames (anonydized or something so they look like metal but won't rust), mesh seat and back, and they do match. Now my porch is quite sophisticated. I sat out there for a bit tonight but it was muggy (maybe because I'd just drenched all the plants and much of the porch--my sweet potato plants are my barometer; when they begin to wilt, I water everything heavily except the cactus). But the last few evenings, there's been a really nice breeze--tonight not one leaf was moving anywhere. Everything was lush and green, between all the rain and my watering, but it wasn't as pleasant as it has been, and I didn't read long.
Today I've tried hard to come to grips with my new project. Beginnings are always hard, but I've made some phone calls, arranged a couple of lunches, and decided on the format of my proposal and the chapter I'll send as part of the proposal. I've written a tentative table of contents and a sketchy introduction. The sample chapter will be one for which I've already done some research and even written a brief article, but I need to flesh it out. It might almost be easier to begin with a new subject, but that right now is my plan. Of course, I haven't written even the first line (though it's in my head!).
Had lunch today with Fred, once my mentor in graduate school and now a longtime friend. He was enthusiastic about my new project, and we talked of university presses and academia and food and had a good time. As I told him, with my new routine, lunches will be my lifeline to the world. I have plentyof work to do--though I haven't done well getting started on it today--but I need sociability.
Ah, transitions!

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