Sunday, February 10, 2008

A food day

It's a good thing cooking is part of this blog, because today has been a food day. I started at about 8 a.m. with my Sunday scrambled egg with tomato, smoked salmon and scallion, ate it while I read the paper. These days it doesn't take long to read our newspaper! It occurred to me that in Bon Appetit they do those celebrity profiles in which they ask, "What is always in your refrigerator?" My answer would be "smoked salmon and cream cheese."
Then about 11:30 Betty and I went downtown to La Madeleine for brunch, and I had crepes Romanoff (with strawberries and a brandied cream sauce). They were good but Betty made a better choice--crepes filled with scrambled eggs and covered with a wonderful mushroom sauce. I was tempted but I'd already had my eggs for the day. But I did envy that mushroom sauce. The dinner menu looked so good we decided to go back one night this week.
In the afternoon, doing some work that didn't require fine attention, I had the food channel on in the background. By the time Valentines Day arrives, I will be thoroughly sick of chocolate--which for me is quite a statement. I think it will be "Death by Chocolate." Can't remember if that's a book title or a kind of chocolate candy!
Tonight my neighbors, Jay and Susan, came for dinner, and I fixed sauerkraut and brats with apples and onions. I love the sauerkraut mix, not so crazy about the brats--they were too dry. I had a brat the day before at a sandwich shop that I liked a lot better. Between the two I've had my sauerkraut and brat fix for a while. For dessert, I had those individual ice cream cups (not elegrant service but very practical) with a rich chocolate-mint sauce (see! there it is again--chocolate!). We laughed a lot and had a great time. For some reason I was in a storytelling mood, and Jay finally said I should forget about writing a cooking column and start telling stories about the years I was raising children.
I did some real work today too. Sent a guest post to the Petticoats & Pistols blog--it's due up on Friday, but I'll post a reminder here. And I finally sorted through all the papers from the sales meeting. Lots on my plate for tomorrow, but I have to start the day by rushing somewhere to get valentines for all the grandchildren--where was my brain when I was shopping this weekend?
Colin and Lisa sent new pictures for my revolving picture screen today. Kegan, who will be one in April, has changed so much since Christmas and is such a happy guy. And his sister, Morgan, is good to him and very happy herself. It's time for a trip to Houston!
Now I'm watching them make chocolate chip cookies on the food channel. sounds like they're following my mom's recipe! Yummm!
I think I succeeded admirably in avoiding a weekend of my own company--and had a great time doing it.

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