Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Eve

Good gravy! Get me off the subject of Christmas. I realized that half of what I said in my last blog, I'd said two blogs earlier. I'm tempted to go back and edit, in fact I think I will! Proves that old saying--everyone needs an editor. I can see the red-penciled, "You already said that!"
Tonight is New Year's Eve, and I'm staying home. Actually I was looking forward to a party. My new neighbors had invited the neighbors close by and I guess a few other people--but they called yesterday and are snowbound in Taos, hoping to make it home late tonight but not in time to host a party. I don't mind. I've stayed home many a New Year's Eve and been comfortably tucked in bed by ten or so. I don't believe that how you spend the evening of December 31st is a precursor for how you'll spend the coming year. More likely, to me, how you spend January 1st says something about the coming year, and I'll have warm companionship for that--but before I say anything about ham and black-eyed peas, I'm going back to read my last blog!
Tonight, though I did feel a bit of the doldrums--the mss. I am working on isn't going well, and I'm tempted to spend the evening with a good book written by someone else. But then I decided I needed to brighten up. I turned on the Christmas lights (thank you, Jordan, for making me leave them up!), freshened my makeup, made myself a meatloaf, and, after dinner, will change into cozy lounging pajamas rather than my sweats. Jordan and Christian said they'd drop by about 9 on their way home from a party, so I will, I hope, be bright and cheerful. And you know what, I feel better already! And I'll get to give Jacob a New Year's hug!
I wish for everyone a safe, healthy, and happy New Year--and for this tired old world, peace. Prosperity would be nice, but I'd settle for peace, less vegeance, less anger throughout the world.

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