Saturday, December 09, 2006

More Idle Saturday thoughts

Saturday seems to be my day to blog. Also to go to the grocery, clean out the catbox (I got Wynona a bigger one since he kept missing and leaving lakes on the floor that smelled awaful), water all the plants, reconnect the hoses since it seems the extreme cold is gone for a while, wrap some presents, and bake a cake. Gosh, I'm tired, and it's only 1:00 p.m.! It was cold here this week--21 night before last, which put me in a funny mood because I felt trapped, worrying if pipes would freeze--especially in the gueset apartment--and just worrying in general. Yesterday it warmed up--well, sort of--but my good friend Jeannie and I went shopping. She had no list; I had a long list. By the time we were done, she'd bought as much as I had. But we had a really good time, topped by a lunch at our favorite restaurant--and even a glass of wine with lunch. Somehow we don't get to do those days as much lately as we used to, so this was especially nice.
I don't know if I've mentioned the mystery of the pillow shams (no, it's not my next novel). But after Thanksgiving when everyone was here, the shams for the daybed in the grandchildren's playroom just flat disappeared. Melanie swore they didn't have them; Maddie said they weren't swept up into a suitcase; I turned the house upside down and couldn't find them. So yesterday I got new shams--a different color--and another throw pillow for that bed (the pillow cases looked ridiculous!). Now the shams will turn up. Just talked to Mel, and they were out shopping, so she sweetly offered to get me shams but I thanked her and told her I'd already done it.
I've cleared my desk and am ready to get back to Dead Space. I think turning it into first person is working well, and I'm pleased with the result. But not much time to work on it--Christian and Jacob are coming by shortly, and I want a nap before I got o a girls' gabfest dinner with two friends.
My thank you of the day goes to Larry L. King. When I emailed that I urgently needed a signed copy of his biography of Willie Morris for a Christmas gift, he wrote back saying it would go in the mail today and I was not to worry about replacing the book. I love working with authors who are so nice and gracious.

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